• “Marissa Margosian is wonderful to work with! She is patient and thorough during what can be a very overwhelming process for students and parents. Having an extensive background in College Counseling and preparation, Marissa is extremely knowledgeable and informative. You will not be disappointed with her services.”  ~Michelle, parent


  • “Thanks for your selfless help to S. which enabled her to be admitted to her dream school. My whole family is very excited and happy.” ~Parent of an international student (HS ’19, Emory University ’23)


  • “Thank you for all your help! You are a college counseling superstar!”  ~E.S., American University.


  • “Thanks again for your reviews. They’ve been really helpful as we start looking at colleges. Your information on Houghton is letting E. decide if she wants to continue in a more religious environment after spending K-8 in a Catholic school. If she doesn’t want that, it will save us a lengthy trip which I appreciate! Also, what a great review of E&H! We can’t wait to see it in person when E. goes to do her equestrian camp there this summer.” ~Parent of a current student (high school ’23)


  • “The education you get in college is a process, not a discrete event. It is not a battle to get into the most prestigious or most competitive school possible. For some students, admission to a college full of hyper-competitive students or a place where status is constantly measured in all kinds of ways, can lead to bad outcomes. If you really want to have the best outcome, you must head to a college that is a good fit for you: where you will study, converse, join clubs, explore, etc in an environment where you are comfortable and challenged. Finding the best fit is the best end of a college search. Marissa has shown me how important that is over the last 2 years.” ~Joe, parent of a Wellesley student.


  • “I am not sure what to say except for Thank You for all your hard work and devotion. Your support has been amazing and you not only helped our daughter, but us as parents get through a difficult transition to college. I personally am going to miss seeing you: you are such an amazing woman with great talent and loving soul. Thank You for everything!” ~Julie, parent of a Susquehanna student.

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