Packages offered


Knowing that students and families have different needs and budgets, I offer a variety of packages to meet your needs. Whether you just need help understanding the process as you begin preparing for college applications, searching for appropriate schools, writing the essay, or working through the entire process, there is a package for you; fees depend upon the services you select. You may choose to purchase a package or consult with me on an hourly, as-needed basis. The payment schedule is determined at the time of contract.

Meetings are available in your home or at a public meeting spot such as a library or coffee shop.

** A sliding scale is offered for families demonstrating financial need.

Just the List ($750)

Includes #1, 8, 9, and 10 on the Services Page:

  • A detailed discussion with you and your family about the college prep, application, and financial aid process.
  • A balanced list of suggested institutions that meet your academic, social, financial, and other needs based on your academic record and your preferences and goals.
  • Help in registering for college visits and planning visit itineraries.

Description: I will help students and families assess goals, plans, and priorities as well as help students articulate what is important to them. There will be 3-4 visits, each lasting approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the student’s needs.

  • The first appointment should ideally occur early in the student’s junior year (or late in sophomore year) and will include a discussion with the family and student and an assessment of the student’s academic records. At that point, we will generate an initial list of colleges, and a plan for visiting several schools, representing a variety of types and selectivity levels, will be put in place.
  • At the second visit will occur after the student and family has thoroughly researched the suggested colleges, participated in some college visits, and the student has completed at least one round of testing. The second meeting should ideally happen late in Junior year but no later than early October of Senior year. We will tweak the list based on feedback from the research, the visits, and any new information since the initial meeting (test scores, updated academic information, financial information, etc).
  • A third meeting will be scheduled as needed to finalize the list and address any remaining questions or issues.
  • Payment is expected at the time of the first visit unless otherwise specified.
  • Although no additional visits are included in the package, clients may make additional appointments; follow-up sessions for help with resumes, essays, interview prep, applications, or financial aid information can be completed by phone, email, zoom, Google Meetings, skype, or in person. These additional sessions will be billed at the hourly rate.


Just the Application ($1250)

Includes: #14, 15, 16, and 17 (limited) on the Services page:

  • Help deciding if Early Decision or Early Action is appropriate for your situation.
  • Help accessing and completing the Common App, the Universal App, the Coalition App, and/or individual college applications.
  • Review and proof-reading of the college applications before submission.
  • Help brainstorming essay topics that showcase your voice and tell your story and guidance in drafting the Common App main essay with one (1) read-through of a draft with comments for editing and proofreading. Guidance in explaining what the short-answer/supplemental essays are asking for. Additional editing/proofing of the main essay, help with additional essays (such as the UC Personal Insight questions), supplemental short-answer guidance, etc will be billed at the hourly rate (or families can buy into the Essay package at a reduced rate).

Description: This option is available for students who have already developed a balanced, realistic list of colleges and are only looking for assistance with the applications and essays. In order to choose this option, students must submit their college list, a resume, and a copy of their current transcript and test scores before starting to work with me; at least 2/3 of their college list must represent schools for which the student is in or above profile. This option includes help with up to 2 main essays for the Common, Coalition, Universal, or individual college application(s) and up to 5 supplemental short-answer essays. Any additional essays or supplemental writing will be charged at the hourly rate. Students will be encouraged to schedule regular appointments until their applications have been successfully completed.

Just the Essay ($1000)

Includes: #17 on the Services page:

  • Help brainstorming essay topics that will showcase your voice and tell your story, guidance in drafting the essay, and editing and proofreading the final drafts.

Description: This option is available for students who want help brainstorming, writing, and editing their essays. The first session will focus on brainstorming options for the Common App, Coalition App, and/or Universal App essay and beginning an engaging essay. During the second meeting, students should come with a list of colleges to which they are applying along with a copy of the prompts from all supplemental essays required by each school. If a student is applying to a school that does not take one of the previously mentioned applications, they should also bring that school’s specific prompt with them; we will modify the general essay if applicable or work on a new one that fits the prompt.

This option includes help with up to 2 main essays for the Common, Coalition, Universal, or individual college application(s) and the supplemental short-answer essays for up to 3 schools. Additional schools cost $250 per school. You may substitute the Personal Insight Questions for the UC system application for the 2 main essays; adding the UC Personal Insights to the basic essay package is $400.

Any additional essays or supplemental writing will be charged at the hourly rate. Help on additional essays will be billed at the hourly rate.

Full Service ($4,000)

Includes: all services listed on the Services page, PLUS attendance at the Common App Boot Camp (contingent upon a minimum number of registrations). 

Description: This provides up to 60 hours of face-to-face or virtual meeting time (skype, FaceTime, lengthy phone calls, etc) plus texting/emailing for shorter questions. Students are encouraged to schedule regular appointments which will continue until all applications have been successfully completed, financial aid is submitted, decisions are made, and registration paperwork is completed. Full service clients receive priority status when scheduling sessions. This option requires a signed contract that outlines a payment schedule. Assistance is provided through July 30 following graduation. Full payment must be completed by September 1st of the student’s senior year unless otherwise stated in the contract. 

Families interested in the full package can ask for a free 30-minute phone consultation to make sure this service is right for you!

Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are not refundable. Please use the initial meeting to ask all the questions you may have to make sure that this service is appropriate for you.
  • Payments can be made with money orders, checks, or cash. Sliding scale fees are offered to families who need it (subject to verification).
  • I do not guarantee admission to any college or university; admissions offices make their own decisions regarding who they accept.

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