When Should We Start?

College Counseling should be a multi-year process. Ideally, students should start the process during their first or second year of high school. At that point, we will:

  • Talk about learning styles and review skills needed to be academically successful.
  • Carefully look at course selection and ways to appropriately challenge yourself (including summer enrichment opportunities).
  • Discuss ways to get involved in activities, and develop strengths, passions, and leadership.

As students move into Junior and Senior year, our goals shift to the following:

  • Educating students and parents about college choices, testing options, the college application process, the college admission process, and trends in admissions.
  • Helping to identify colleges that are appropriate fits for the student’s and family’s academic, social, religious, financial, and other needs.
  • Helping students present themselves in their best light in applications, essays, resumes, and interviews.
  • Advocating for students and teaching them how to advocate for themselves.
  • Providing information regarding summer programs, gap years, and scholarships.