Why work with a College Counselor?

Professional college advice will help you maximize both your financial and time commitment in the search and application process as well as at college!

Starting early in high school and having guidance from an experienced college counselor makes a big difference in ending up at a school that’s perfect for you; it gives you options for schools and scholarships that you didn’t even know where out there. Preparing early in high school, finding the right college or university, and maximizing your financial options means that you’re more likely thrive academically and socially at college, have access to opportunities that will jump-start your career, pay LESS than you would have otherwise by earning more merit aid, and finish your degree on time (also saving you tuition money).

It is easy to get tangled up in rankings, rumors, and misconceptions when looking at colleges. Rather than believing the hype, it’s important to critically analyze the facts and the fit of the college. What fits one student does not necessarily fit the next. For example, the “best” college in the nation according to US News won’t do a student any good if it doesn’t offer the major he or she is interested in or if the teaching style doesn’t match his or her learning style. No one wants a student to flounder or be unhappy at college.

College Counselors can’t get a student into college. You do that through your academic work, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and more. What we can do is help you put yourself into the best possible position to earn acceptances to colleges you hope to attend. We can provide insight and information regarding your options for schools that are good academic, financial, and social fits where you have the best chances of being successful.

When should we start?

College Counseling should be a multi-year process. Ideally, students should start the process during their first or second year of high school. At that point, we will:

  • Talk about learning styles and review skills needed to be academically successful.
  • Carefully look at course selection and ways to appropriately challenge yourself (including summer enrichment opportunities).
  • Discuss ways to get involved in activities, and develop strengths, passions, and leadership.

As students move into Junior and Senior year, our goals shift to the following:

  • Educating students and parents about college choices, testing options, the college application process, the college admission process, and trends in admissions.
  • Helping to identify colleges that are appropriate fits for the student’s and family’s academic, social, religious, financial, and other needs.
  • Helping students present themselves in their best light in applications, essays, resumes, and interviews.
  • Advocating for students and teaching them how to advocate for themselves.
  • Providing information regarding summer programs, gap years, and scholarships.

What can I do to help you?

As an experienced college counselor and English teacher, I provide guidance, insight, and support during the college preparation and application process.  I partner with you in the process to offer choices, help you develop into the person you want to present to colleges, minimize stress and anxiety, and help you have as many options as possible when it comes time to choose a college.

Recognizing the diversity of student interests and family expectations, I take the time to get to know you to provide personalized guidance in helping you find and apply to institutions where you will flourish, receive a quality education, and succeed in your goals.

Additionally, finding the right fit includes the right financial fit. Seniors I worked with from the Class of 2018 earned merit-based scholarship offers totaling over $1,005,000 per year  That’s over $40,000 per student, per year in scholarships. Taking the time to find the right school pays off financially as well as academically and socially!